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Six ways to give your donation… one charitable tax receipt.

① e-Give: Donate Electronically

St Stephen’s uses Pllenty, the same electronic payment system used by St James Cathedral and the Catholic Diocese of Niagra. Pllenty is an online version of the retail cashier’s debit/credit terminal and charges the same fee, 2.5%. This is half the fee charged by Canada Helps, Benevity, Tithely, and Nucleus, and means that the gifts you give through Pllenty will be included in your, single, St Stephen’s charitable tax receipt, that we issue at tax time and you will receive no additional solicitations from other charities.

② e-Transfer: Give with YOUR bank app

Send your e-Transfer to

③ International

Outside Canada? Click the button, below, to go to the PayPal website to make a secure, online donation to the Church of St Stephen using your credit / debit card or PayPal account.

④ Pre-authorize Monthly Donations: Print and fill form; give to Wardens

“Pre-Authorized Remittance” (PAR): Schedule a monthly direct withdrawal from your bank account or credit card.

⑤ Donate using paper cheque

We check the mail box at the door off the church parking-lot regularly. Do NOT leave cash, but you can leave your envelopes with cheques in the mailbox or mail your cheque to the church at…

Church of St Stephen
2259 Jane St
North York ON
M3M 1A6

⑥ Traditional Paper Offering Envelopes

Request your personal, boxed, set of paper envelopes, pre-labelled with your personal “envelope number” and the date for each Sunday and special occasion.

We also have guest envelopes in the pews.

⑦ What about Canada Helps? United Way?

The Church of St Stephen, Downsview, is registered with both Canada Helps and the United Way. Both Canada Helps and United Way issue their own tax receipts.

Note About Postal Address

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) uses your name AND postal address to identify you, and requires that we include your address on your tax receipt. Be sure to clearly print your name and postal address including apartment number and postal code on your Guest Envelope, Cheque, or PayPal donation.


Check out our latest vestry report or look us up on the CRA List of Registered Charities.