Posted on: March 11th, 2024 by St. Stephens Downsview

As I stand before you today, reflecting on the powerful words from John’s Gospel, I am reminded of the profound message that resonates through the verses we’ve just heard read. John chapter 3, verses 19 to 21, speak to our innate connection with the light and our struggle with darkness.

John’s words echo with truth as he writes, “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world. And people loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.” These words pierce through our hearts, revealing the powerful contrast between light and darkness, good and evil.

In a world where darkness may seem all-encompassing, the concept of light shines brightly as a beacon of hope and truth. John’s gospel challenges us to examine our own deeds and motivations, urging us to step into the light and confront our truths.

Daylight Savings Time: A Symbol of Transition

As we embark on this journey into the light, the symbolism of Daylight Savings Time could not be more fitting. The transition of time, as the clock springs forward, parallels our own spiritual awakening to the light. Just as mornings may seem darker and evenings brighter, we are called to embrace the light that guides us through every season of life.

Embracing Our Nature as Creatures of Light

Human beings, by nature, are not nocturnal creatures. We are designed to thrive in the light, to seek out the goodness and truth that illuminate our path. Like moths drawn to a flame, we are irresistibly pulled towards the light, for it is in the light that we find our true purpose and fulfillment.

The Contrast Between Light and Darkness

John’s message serves as a stark reminder of the dichotomy between light and darkness. While we are inherently drawn to the light, our human nature sometimes leads us to gravitate towards darkness, especially when our deeds are tainted with evil. It is in these moments that we must confront our own shadows and choose to step into the light.

The Call to Repentance and Transformation

Repentance is not a call to judgment or condemnation but a loving invitation to return to the light. As we expose our deeds to the light of Christ, we open ourselves up to healing, restoration, and transformation. God’s grace washes over us, offering mercy, forgiveness, and a path forward in His light.

Moving from Darkness to Light: A Journey of Faith

Our journey from darkness to light mirrors the transformative work of Christ in our lives. Each step we take towards the light ushers us into a new realm of grace and redemption. As followers of Christ, we are called to examine our thoughts, words, and actions, ensuring that they align with the light and truth of God.

Embracing the Light Within

As I conclude this reflection, I am reminded of the profound truth that “the light has come into the world.” May we, as individuals beloved by God, choose to embrace the light within us, casting aside the shadows that hinder our spiritual growth. Let us walk in the light of Christ, allowing His grace to illuminate our path and lead us to eternal life.

In Him, we find the ultimate source of salvation and grace, not only for ourselves but for the entire world. Let us heed His call to step into the light, to walk in His ways, and to be bearers of His light to a world engulfed in darkness.

May we be guided by His truth, sustained by His love, and transformed by His light, now and forevermore.

(c) The Church of St Stephen, Downsview, 2024-03-10